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Chip Timing

We offer state of the art disposable chip RFID timing systems. We offer solutions for all types of race events and different sizes. Whether it is a cross country event, local 5K race, or a full marathon with 10,000 participants, we have the expertise and experience to get you going. With the chip on the bib, there is no collecting after the race and with our experience and expertise, you will get accurate results when you need them.

F.A.T. Timing

We also offer photo finish timing for faster events. This application is great for track and other sprint races, as well as car racing, horse racing, and other very fast events.

Online Credit Card Registration

We offer a full integrated, secure, and reliable online registration service. We will assist you in creating your online portal to your specifications and monitor registrations. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.This allows us to manage your event from beginning to end. We can monitor all of your entries so you can focus on your event!

Text Messages and Email results

Text messages can be sent to anyone. We can send your results to family and friends within 10 seconds of finishing! Say you just finished a 1/2 marathon and you want friends out of state to know how you did. We can send them a text with your results before you can get through the chute and call them. It also works great for split points to inform friends and family how you have done and if you have completed a certain leg of say a triathlon.

Kiosk Station

Kiosk is the perfect solution for allowing athletes to get their results after a race. Using several computers, participants can simply key in their bib number to see their time immediately upon finishing the race.

Live Internet Results

Results can be streamed instantly to the web where participants and event organizers can get real time results for awards. Results are also posted at the conclusion of the event. Please check our archives at all the different results we have done over the last several years.

Live Scrolling Displays

We have multiple Displays that can be placed anywhere near the finish that will scroll participants results by bib number.


We offer several different Racelocks for your event. We have 6" digit clocks as well as 10" digit clocks. They can be placed on tripods or can be hung from our truss at the finish line.


We can set up a laptop for your PA announcer to use that shows names and times. We also offer a speaker system with microphone or music if you need it.


We have multiple laptops available that are networked to handle multiple applications live as well as share databases etc. We can be in multiple places at once sharing data across our wireless portable network.

Pre-Registration and Same Day Registration

We can also key in registrations the day before the event as well as the same day your event occurs. 99% of the time we have all the data entered and ready before the first person crosses the finish line!

Course Development

We can assist you in all areas of determining what kind off course your event needs. We have experience doing everything from mapping courses, contacting police, setting up water stops, to coning, and leading races.

Are you interested in any of our Race Management services?

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